• Solving Big Data Problems with Online Panel Solutions
    Danyo Dimitrov
    Obtaining the best insights from respondents has always been a key objective in all research projects. There are many facets to that insights-gaining process, from the research methodology, to interaction with respondents, keeping their attention and hopefully receiving a complete point of view on the subject researched. Through the years, the pursuit of the ever-elusive insights has seen many transformations and even revolutions. With the latest development in technology and online tracking tools, this chase
  • The Multicountry challenge - Clear the clouds on the horizon
    Danyo Dimitrov
    Important client with a huge project that has to cover several countries, sometimes dozens. Of course timings are always tight, the budget is just enough, with a bit set aside as a back-up. Naturally the client expects the best and we have already done quite a lot of convincing that the new technique we have in mind is what they need and it will bring them that extra bit of insights they are looking for,