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JTN Research takes pride in delivering actionable insights to businesses and organizations, actively listening to the consumer voice

To truly understand consumers JTN Research applies a proprietary mix of expertise, in-depth pre-targeting, advanced AI data quality procedures and custom-tailored solutions.

Utilizing the best of digital market research, JTN Research expands audience reach and shortens the path between asking questions, obtaining opinions from the right respondents and transforming them into business strategies.

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Research solutions

We reach the right demographic, at the right time and within the right format. We ensure opinions shared are unbiased to help ideas grow.
Data can only work in your favor if collected, processed and interpreted thoroughly. Our quality methodology of various real-time checks and custom AI components guarantees reliable survey results.

Obtain Insights

Transforming raw data into useful findings requires fine-tuned tools. Visualizing ideas out of the numbers is a definition of craftsmanship.

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By Danyo Dimitrov

Managing Director @ JTN Research

Solving Big Data Problems with Online Panel Solutions

We can learn a lot from people’s online behavior. Danyo Dimitrov explains how Big Data can be used effectively by bringing together the rational and the emotional.


By Danyo Dimitrov

Managing Director @ JTN Research

It is a story many of us know well..

The “Multicountry” Challenge
Clear the Clouds on the Horizon

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