Survey Programming

Relying on a combined experience of over 40 years of survey programming of our team, we are proud to offer questionnaire scripting.

Our clients can choose from a wide range of solutions and approaches, among which Flash & Graphic Design, Custom ASP, PHP development, .NET, Java and many more.

We can create 3D pack or shelf designs of your products, recreate a shopping experience and many more, which we can easily implement in the survey questionnaire.

Quality Validation

We guarantee real-time quality checking of 100% of the responses of 100% of the respondents involved for all onsite-hosted projects.

Behind this simple message is a wide range of quality checks (Geo location, digital de-duplication, speeding check, thought consistency), working in perfect synergy, seamlessly ensuring only unique, engaged respondents take part in the data collection.

Data Processing

In the endless world of data and code, where zeros and ones collide, you have to rely on a trustworthy partner to make sense of it all.

Using the latest solutions in the field like Quantum, SPSS to name a few, we unveil the story behind the numbers.


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