Wouldn’t it be great to spend less time sending emails and coordinating tasks, just devote your energy to actual research findings? What if we say, now you can have your survey script and your targeted audience sample ready, before you finish your morning coffee? And that without even asking for a quote.


All this and much more is possible in JTN Lab – the newest and fanciest JTN product so far. JTN Lab gives you automated access to a variety of research-related services you use every day, from checking feasibility, sampling, and progress reporting to scripting your own study, and even data-enhancing opportunities like passive metering, and many more. All in one package, allowing you to unleash your creativeness and focus on what really matters, the actual insights. JTN Lab combines an advanced automated process, allowing you to select from a number of pre-set template survey scripts, your own or JTN-supplied. Just put in the actual wording of your study and you are good to go. Your survey link will be ready before you can spell the word “effective”. Once your online questionnaire is ready, and you need to go live, just go to the feasibility calculator of JTN Lab. Select your sample there, seeing your costs as you go through, and launch. You’d like to add more depth, not a problem, choose from the additional services in JTN Lab.


Get a glimpse of the bright future of research with JTN Lab, where AI and automation work for you.