Rapid Ad Test

We live in a world where companies spend millions of dollars on advertising. What is the best way to show consumers the most meaningful message?

With our Rapid Ad Test product we can predict and evaluate how well your ad will perform in the market. Is it going to deliver the result and message that you are after?

Let’s find out together!

How does this work?

1) You send us the creatives
2) We implement them in the script template
3) We run the survey and deliver results back in 24-48 hours

Rapid Ad Test can be performed with:
– Static / still images
– Video ads
– Storyboards

Ad hocks & Trackers

Find the much needed answers from your target audience real time. Evaluate a survey snapshot or a longer term result accumulation.

No need to pricey experiments, trust the JTN expertise. We will formulate your brand-related problems into a meaningful survey format, collect and analyze the data to bring the much needed answers.

Brand Tracking

See how your brand preforms on the market, how consumer see it and what do they value in it.

There are numerous options, the JTN team will find the best mix for your brand and put the pieces together for you to base your market strategy on.

JTN Omnibus

JTN Omnibus gives you access to quick and cost-effective results.

The continuous research insights are provided on balanced census national representative population. Common use of the JTN Omnibus – brand, product, logo or ad awareness and evaluation; incidence testing; public opinion and tracking research. Each client may ask a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 questions. Questions can include images and video clips.

Incidence Check

What is the percentage of women, aged 20-35, living in Ankara(Turkey), who are non-rejectors of smoothies? Let us check find the answers for you, we know our markets and understand the unwritten ways in which they operate. No target is immeasurable.

Satisfaction Surveys

Whether you need to evaluate customer, employee or corporate client satisfaction, JTN has the right set of tools and expertise.

SAT surveys do require specific approach for questionnaire design, data collection and analysis. Correct balance of these key features is instrumental to obtaining non-misleading results. The hundreds of successful SAT surveys we have ran over the years prove we can walk the talk.

Passive Metering

The actions of the consumer speak loud and clear … to those who can capture and analyze them, of course.

Our passive metering processes allow us to track, measure and explore particular patters in consumers online behavior that bring clear insight and depth to any market research analysis. Active panel surveying and passive metering working together bring a colorful and rich picture of the consumer groups and allows detailed sub-grouping.


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