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Full service

From questionnaire design to research findings reports, the JTN Research team translates your unanswered questions to findings, the raw data mix into valuable insights. Trust us to lead you through the whole process and maximize the value of market research for your organization;

Sample only

You need panel, more importantly, you need reliable, transparent sample provider that delivers results. JTN Research owns 21 proprietary panels in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe. Our panel coverage is unique and our experience and knowledge of the markets is there to prove it. Don’t take our word for that, try our services and allow us to prove we deliver;

Mobile surveys

Living in the mobile era, respondent mobile engagement is a serious emphasis for JTN Research. Relying on top-tier mobile research technology, we bring valuable insights to our clients via the mobile research channel;

JTN Omnibus

JTN Omnibus gives you access to quick and cost-effective results. The continuous research insights are provided on balanced census national representative population. Common use of the JTN Omnibus - brand, product, logo or ad awareness and evaluation; incidence testing; public opinion and tracking research. Each client may ask a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 questions. Questions can include images and video clips;

Multi-country studies

Our research team is frequently fielding multi-country studies. Running these projects requires careful planning done by our project managers. We currently manage 21 proprietary JTN online panels and can cover these for you. Of course, if we need to reach out to additional markets in the Americas, EMEA and APAC, we can rely on our long-term partnership with our most respected international providers, covering more than 70 countries;

Client sample studies

You have a list of your customers that you would like us to contact for your research? With JTN's CSS service you can quickly get in touch with the customers that you need to participate in your surveys;

Incidence checks

What is the percentage of women, aged 20-35, living in Ankara(Turkey), who are non-rejectors of smoothies? Let us check find the answers for you, we know our markets and understand the unwritten ways in which they operate. No target is immeasurable;

Survey programming

Relying on a combined experience of over 20 years of survey programming of our team, we are proud to offer questionnaire scripting on Confirmit platform. Our clients can choose from a wide range of solutions and approaches, among which Flash & Graphic Design, Custom ASP, PHP development, .NET, Java and many more. We can create 3D pack or shelft designs of your products, recreate a shopping experience and many more, which we can easily implement in the survey questionnaire;

Custom panels & Communities

All JTN panels are built, monitored and managed by our team at each step along the way, we know the process inside-out. Over the years, we have assisted many of our clients with the development of their custom panels from scratch, consulting them continuously and performing the variety of activities from panel design, to technical support and day-to-day management. The JTN team makes sure your custom panel is tailored to exactly match your needs;

Data processing

In the endless world of data and code, where zeros and ones collide, you have to rely on a trustworthy partner to make sense of it all. Using the latest solutions in the field like Quantum, SPSS to name a few, we unveil the story behind the numbers;

Reporting & analysis

What is the sense of market research numbers if these are not visually represented? JTN Research finds the most appropriate way to give research findings a meaningful appearance by using the latest advancements in URL data visualization, Dashboard and graphic presentations, we solve the data riddles for you;

Questionnaire translations

At JTN we are committed to keeping the research in the native language of the respondents. We can provide cost-effective questionnaire translations by native speakers. You can rely on us on the quality and quick turn-around;